The very first game in the series. Not exactly the carnivores game that had the most impact on fandom but definitely popular. There was nobody who used a Double Barrel Shotgun to take on a T-Rex. No, these were simpler times when the Shotgun was the same in every way (except fire rate)  to the Rifle and no blood appeared. There wasn't a Credits system. Instead it was a Ranking system. Three ranks Existed: Novice, Advanced, And Expert.

Carnivores was the First game developed by Action Forms to use the Atmosfear game engine. The game engine was meant to simulate real 3D outdoor enviroments and sounds. The game engine was  worked on a bit afterwards to release Carnivores 2. This game is now seen as obsolete compared to Carnivores 2. However, I find that some of the maps in this game are cooler despite their smaller size. Until recently, no one could get the original Carnivores 1 maps to import correctly because they used a different size format. That was changed by the CCE team.

You start out as novice with 0 points. Each time you make a kill, you gain points. When you are killed all points accumulated on that hunt are lost. Dinosaur Target zones are listed on the hunt menu screen. These tell you where to hit the dinosaurs. Something the rest of the series lacked.

Being a hunting game, Carnivores has no actual on going story. It does have a back story though.

2190 AD. On a routine exploration mission, science vessel FMM UV discovered a planet with suitable climate for humankind. During the initial scouting expedition, this young planet, code-named FMM UV-32, was declared inhospitable for colony life, due to its unstable terrain and immense population of prehistoric reptiles. News of this amazing planet spread, and articles on the "Dinosaur Planet" lead an earth corporation to purchase the rights to the planet, and create DinoHunt Corp. DinoHunt created the unique opportunity for paying customers to become dinosaur hunters for the first time in 50 million years. You are the newest client of DinoHunt Corp.

It kind of seems they have played Starcraft because they metion Science Vessel, One of the Terran race's air units.

The features brought to this game were:

6 Hunting Locations
Each location is unique with varying difficulties and terrain. The new hunter will be given three choices, with two more added for the advanced hunter, and a final area for the expert hunter, for a total of six locations. Keep in mind that regardless of which dinosaur you choose to hunt, there are others living on the islands that do not appear on your radar. You may be hunting a Stegosaurus and be surprised by an Allosaurus!

3 Weapons
-Shotgun ( Different than in other Carnivores games)
-X-Bow (still the same)
-Sniper Rifle (Looks the same as Carnivores 2 Sniper Rifle except crosshairs are black instead of green)

Standard Equipment
- Binoculars (Can measure how much a dinosaur weighs)
- Map (allows you to see your location.)
- Dinosaur Call (pressing alt creates a call that attracts the same species)
- Wind Indicator (if the wind is blowing in the direction of a carnivore. A carnivore will pick up your scent if you are in its path.)
- Compass (Allows you to get your bearings and see what direction you are going in.)

10 Types of Dinosaurs
- Parasaurolophus
- Pachycephalosaurus
- Stegosaurus
- Triceratops

- Allosaurus
- Velociraptor
- Tyrannosaurus Rex
Other Species
- Galimimus
- Dimorphodon
- Moschops         



This Dinosaur is great for beginning hunters. This crested dinosaur is harmless and easily startled by sounds. it can run fast but can easily be killed with a shot to the head, neck, or back. This dinosaur has a crest on top of its head that is said to have been able to create sounds. chambers Inside the Crest indicate this. The crest may also have been brightly colored (not in this case though.) to attract a mate. This dinosaur has excellent hearing and average smell and sight.


Besides having a really long and annoying name this dinosaur is a good choice for beginning hunters. This dinosaur isn't supposed to be harmless but it is. The dome shaped  spot on its head is said to have been used to head butt for defense and contests between males. Possible had the unusual ability to temporarily dislocate its neck vertebrae to act as an impact absorber then bend them back into place. Has average sight and hearing but low smell. To kill it instantly shoot it in the eye, throat, or back. The head is plated.


This plant eater is listed as not dangerous when it really should be dangerous. It just runs away when it notices you. surprisingly, it can run very fast for its size. It wasn't one of the brightest dinosaurs ever known but it was one of the most well equipped dinosaurs, defensively anyway.  To silence this dinosaur shoot it anywhere in the head. It has average sight and hearing but a low sense of smell. perfect for beginning hunters.


The only Carnivore available for beginning hunters. This carnivore's cry sounds more like a motorcycle than a dinosaur's. This is the only carnivore that roams the map when you aren't hunting for it. (as far as I know anyways.)  when you see it you have two options: either run away before it sees you or kill it. Preferably the first option unless you are a good shot. If you are hunting it that is a different story. I'm a more cautious hunter. I prefer standing on a steep mountain lying in wait when hunting a carnivore. Some other hunter have different strategies when hunting carnivores. While it may be a good carnivore for beginning hunters to hunt but that doesn't mean let your guard down. This dinosaur will attack at close range. Often when your not hunting for it you'll be pummeled from behind by this beast. You'll hear the jumping snarl then you'll be lunch. Easy as that. This dinosaur has excellent smell and hearing but only average sight. Its primary weak spots are the head neck and back.


Being dangerous if wounded this herbivore is for advanced hunters and above only. This dinosaur will charge you if you get too close, scare it with a loud weapon , or wound it.  It then runs you over and walks away. Those horns are for more than show they are deadly weapons against predators and rivals of the same species. Do not underestimate this animal. If you do you will most likely get stomped into mulch. To put it down for the count, hit it in the eye, neck, back, or left side of the heart. It has average sight and hearing but a low sense of smell.



The Velociraptor is a very fast and agile hunter who won't hesitate to use it's six inch retractable claw on its middle toes. The creators made this dinosaur half a size bigger than it should have been. Very  dangerous when with others .  Has  average sight but beware, it has excellent hearing and smell! To Vanquish this dinosaur aim for its head, neck, or back. This dinosaur is for advanced  and above hunters only!



The most feared of all dinosaurs is for expert rank hunters only! This dinosaur's senses are all excellent. This dinosaur is only vulnerable in one Spot: The eye! Aim carefully hunter! This dino is vulnerable when it sniffs the air. If you miss this opportunity, chances are you won't survive.  After sniffing the air if it detects your presence it will then lower its head and give out an ear shattering roar. It then proceeds to charge at you. There is no getting away. It will chase you across the island until it gets you or you are killed. Almost impossible to get away from it after it notices you unless you have debug on of course. If so it just keeps chasing  you no matter what happens  until you die or kill it. It cannot be Tranquilized so you have to kill it. Also, killing it in water is easy as long as you stay on the surface while its swimming towards you. (Press and hold the jump button to stay surfaced.) However, if you kill it in water, it will not be taken to the Trophy Room because the Trophy Ship can't reach it. You still get points for killing it however.


Not really anything to hunt for. Just an ambient animal you can shoot for fun. Makes funny noises when you kill it! Runs pretty fast too!


Not actually a dinosaur, but a reptile that came before the dinosaurs. Not actually a huntable either.  Just another ambient. Kill it for fun when you get bored or have time. It was actually bigger in real life and possessed a boney head of sorts. There actually has been a report of a Moschops killing and eating a player but the report is unconfirmed as it only happened once. The victim sticks to his story to this day with no elements changed, whatsoever. I think it might have been a one time only bug in the Moschops AI, as the renderer in all three games has been known to trigger random glitches at times.


Killing ambients is fun when you have nothing better to do. Killing ambients gives you 0 points but is fun to do. Try killing this one with debug mode on and slow mode active. Makes a funny screech noise when it dies.  Dies even if shot with a tranqilizer.

Yes that's right. These Are the keys to success when hunting. Without them there is no way to kill stuff and defend yourself. Let's go over the weapons. Shall we?



"The target area for this weapon is the center of the sighting circle.  Although powerful, aim your shot well. The shotgun will scare plant eaters, causing them to scatter, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores."

As I said before, this gun acts differently Throughout the rest of the series. This original version of the shotgun was replaced by the Rifle, which has a superior Fire rate to this version and the newer version.


"This weapon has two target areas, called aiming pins. The top pin is sighted in for 40 meters, and the bottom pin is sighted for 80 meters. It is relatively silent, and can be shot several times without alerting dinosaurs."

This weapon happens to be one of my favorites. It has two target distances making it useful for almost any situation, except defense. Good to use when hunting herbivores as Allosaurus roams the landscape even when it is not being hunted for.

Sniper Rifle

 "This weapon is very accurate, and will shoot exactly where the crosshairs are placed. Its range goes as far as the binoculars, but is narrow. This is not a weapon for a charging meat eater, but fantastic for distance shots." 

Out of all the original weapons, the Sniper Rifle has changed the most. In this game it has the same design as Carnivores 2's Sniper Scope.


These are things that are helpful on the hunt. However using them (except for tranquilize) will deduct points from your score. Thankfully use of them is optional as well as which one you decide to take and not take on your hunt. Now to go over these Accessories.

Observer Mode

"Use the Observer Mode to familiarize yourself with dinosaur behavior and different terrain. Please note that no weapons and accesories are available in this mode except binoculars and area map."

Not actually an accessory, but it didn't fit into any of the other catorgories.  All accessories except tranquilizer can be used in observer mode. Although it is kind of pointless. Dinosaurs have been known not to detect you in this mode.


 "This allows you to view the dinosaur locations on the map during your hunt. A dinosaur is depicted on the map as a green dot. Your location is shown as the red dot with the circle surrounding it. Please note that the map shows only the dinosaurs you are hunting. All other dinosaurs are masked.  Use of the map deducts 30% from your total points acquired during that hunt."

While 30% of your points may be steep, the information you receive from the radar is invaluable.  In other words it is an asset to all hunters everywhere.



"This special suit decreases the dinosaur's ability to detect you through sight. Use of the Camouflage deducts 15% from your total points acquired during that hunt."

I don't really use this but you can if you like. This isn't really as invaluable as Radar and it doesn't seem to do anything when up against a T-Rex, or any other carnivore for that matter. Probably best you avoid using this as much as possible.

 Cover Scent


"This item allows you to mask your scent from all dinosaurs reducing the likelihood of you being spotted.  Use of the Cover Scent deducts 20% from your total points acquired during that hunt."

I don't really use this either when hunting. It might be useful to some people while hunting but not to me. I want the Carnivores to smell me. I don't hunt Herbivores on a regular basis but this might be kind of useful if you want it to be.



"Tranquilizing a dinosaur is an alternative to killing it. This will drop the dinosaur where it stands with a quick-acting drug. Use of the Tranquilizer adds 25% to your total points acquired during that hunt."

This is actually very helpful. Primarily if you're one of those weirdos that take all three other Accessories on a hunt at one time. Its also a great way to gain points faster. Dinosaurs shot with the Tranquilizer are not transported to the Trophy Room and will never wake up. The T-Rex is unaffected by the Tranquilizer and so therefore it cannot be selected when hunting for the T-Rex. (They changed it in Carnivores 2.) Trophies don't matter to me anymore so I just use Tranquilizer regularly.

If you are one of those guys who only takes Radar on your hunt you can do the math now.

Radar deducts  the score 30%

Tranquilizer increases the score 25%

Subtract the difference between those two and you now only have a 5% point deduction. Nice Right?

 Hunting Areas

This next section covers hunting areas.

Area 1: The Woods of Turan Choks
Experience:  Novice

"A mild climate and good range of sight make this
a great beginner's map. This was the first island
explored on the new planet.  Turan Choks, named
for the captain of the science vessel to discover
the planet, is a hilly wooded area populated by a
variety of dinosaurs."

Points of interest: Meh, this area is kind of plain for the most part. However, there are muddy ponds in the Northwestern and Southeastern parts of the Island. It also seems that Allosaurus loves to especially frequent the Southeastern pond so be on guard.

Area 2: Basmachee Rocks
Experience: Novice

"This map is a good challenge for beginning
hunters. The exact origin of this island remains
a mystery.  Its unique topography of deserts,
mountains, and lakes makes for a challenging
area to hunt in.  High hills can be a great
place to perch in wait, or hide a dinosaur from

Points of Interest: Well for starters theres a mountain with a spiral pathway in the Northwestern Corner of the Island.  A little ways northeast of that in the ocean is the obscure and benign glitch "Water Pyramid." ( yes its litterally a pyramid made out of water. You can also stand on it as it seems to be solid.) There are also little beaches located in the southern parts of the island. In the the Northeastern corner of the Island, there is what appears to be a little dersert esque area. The ground is severely cracked with loesses from lack of water. There are also little Island type things in this area. (Like Islands on land.) There are also a ton of unusual rock formations throughout the Island as well as quite a few small lakes. 

Area 3: The Jungles of Gravitsappa
Experience: Novice

"A fantastic area for beginning hunters. Lava-filled
cracks show prior seismic activity on this island.
The tropical jungles on the rest of the island are
teeming with dinosaurs, hiding in the ground mists
or around the rolling hills." 

Points of Interest: If you're lucky enough to have access to Direct 3D or 3DFX Glide graphics mode on Carnivores 1, this area is full of Fog. The first point of interest is of course the three lava filled cracks located in the Southeastern corner of the Island. Another point of interest is a big desert on the island that takes up most if not all of the Eastern and Northeastern coastline. The annoying part about this area is that Allosaurs could appear anywhere so be on your toes and alert.

 Area 4: The Ancient Temple
Experience: Advanced

"With only a small temple as a safe zone, this
is a map for advanced hunters. The temple,
located in the center of the island remains
one of the biggest mysteries on the planet.
Hieroglyphs on the wall indicate a worship
of the Velociraptor, calling the beast "fast as
the wind, with teeth sharper than any blade."

Points of Interest: Well, duh! Of course the main point of interest would be the fucking temple in the center of the Island! It can be annoying to get into the temple because it is surrounded by a pit of lava and the bridge to the entrance has been destroyed by erosion and earthquakes. It is possible to get into the temple but you have to jump and time it right. There is also a mountain in the Northeastern corner of the Island. It is very steep but it is possible to get up with practice and patience. on the mountain if you stand still in the right spot you'll go underwater for no reason and you'll drown if you aren't careful. the center of the mountain is hollowed out into some sort of Ice Canyon of sorts. However, its kind of boring to look at because there isn't anything terribly interesting down there other than ice, ice, and more ice.

Area 5: The Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron
Experience:  Advanced

"This is a map for experienced hunters. These
Pyramids in the desert terrain of this area were
built by a long-gone race, and their use remains
unknown. These structures are ideal for hunting
and hiding around, but beware; predators can
climb the pyramids too." 

Points of Interest: Well this is just as obvious as the last one. The Pyramids are located a little bit west of the Center of the Island. There are also interesting lakes and rock formations scattered throughout the Island. There is even a place to get Allosaurus  stuck on, making them easier to kill.

 Area 6: The Great Lake
Experience: Expert

"For expert hunters only! Surrounded by an
impassible wall of mountains, this is the most
difficult terrain to hunt on the planet. The
giant meteor-made lake in the center is the only
obstacle on this barren, desolate island."

Points of Interest: Yet another map that states the obvious. The lake in the center of the Island is your biggest point of interest. Pretty much there isn't anything else interesting to note other than everything is pretty much dead. Thanks to me, people playing Carnivores on Windows XP can play Great Lakes without getting a Heapallocation Error. There is a Youtube video I made to fix this problem here:

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