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Quite recently, Action Forms and Tatem Games have revealed a Carnivores game for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Tatem has released a couple of videos of this game currently.

The Teaser video really piqued the interest of some but also sort of turned off others.

Here it is:

Now while I don't have much information about it at this time, I do have a few things I've learned. Shortly after this video was made, another one was that showed the full gameplay. Some people thought the interface looked atrocious. However, a majority of Carnivores fans (i.e. myself and most other people on the Carnivores Saga.) liked the new interface.

Anyways, here's the other video:

I can describe the new HUD as new and high tech looking yet it  also seems to still give off that classic Carnivores Hunting Sim feel. Tatem has really been nice to the way the game works and has made sure not to hurt the classic feel of the series. 

 The Interview 

Interestingly, we had a Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Developer join The Carnivores Saga Forums. His name is Dmitry Nechay and this is the little interview I had with him regarding the game:

Glisp-Are there any plans for a true new Carnivores PC game in the works for the future with Action Forms? If so, would you be able to share?"

Mr.Nechay - I am afraid there is no such plans for now.

Glisp-Are there any new features going to be added to the game? What I mean is, have there been any new dinosaurs, weapons, accessories, or gameplay mechanics planned for this little remake for the Ipod?"

Mr.Nechay - The game will have two game modes. Usual Hunt - for people who likes dangerous hunting - choose the creature you would like to hunt, necessary weapons and let’s go. Also there will be a new game mode, called Survive, where you’ll need to withstand dinosaurs attacks as long as you can. This game mode is developed for FPS players who like real action. And we added achievements to the game, so now you’ll be rewarded for planet exploration or accuracy (when you kill a dino in one soot) etc. Leaderboards are also added, so you can compete, share your trophies and achievements with your friends or post them on Facebook or Twitter.

Glisp-Are you planning on putting the Triceratops and Pacycephaelosaur from the first Carnivores game into Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter?

Glisp-Are there any new maps or are all the maps just recycled Carnivores 2 maps?"

Mr.Nechay - New maps and creatures will be added in updates but current version uses Carnivores 2 content.

Glisp - How true to the original games would you say Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter will be?

Mr. Nechay - As true as possible. All people who played original Carnivores game will enjoy iPhone version as much as Carnivores on PC.

Glisp - Many of the older members of the Carnivores community have been doubting this game. I personally like what I see with it. The new high tech touch screen buttons seem to blend in well with the game and they just feel more like a piece of equipment in the game rather than controls. Was this your intention?

Mr. Nechay - It was really hard to create a new HUD for a game, cause it has to match the style, be simple and comprehensible, and don't be an eyesore at the same time. And I think we had succeed in this.

Glisp - If there is an official sequel to the original Carnivores trilogy, do you think you will be involved in production of it with your experience on this game?"

Mr. Nechay - All rights for Carnivores belongs to Action Forms. If there would be any sequels to the game, we will participate in production as well.

Glisp - Could you tell us a little about Tatem games? What games have you worked on in the past if any? I'm not really familiar with a lot of game development teams myself (even famous ones) because I don't get out very often so please excuse me for my naivety.

Mr. Nechay - Tatem Games is a mobile game development studio founded in 2002 and located in Kiev, Ukraine. Founders of Tatem Games are the same as Action Forms so people are veterans of game dev industry. First games from Tatem had released for Palm OS devices and was successful but since 2009 started making iPhone games. Now we have 2 games in App Store already. One of these games - Racer, have been highly acclaimed by the press and customers, it was features by Apple twice. Currently we have few more games in development for iPhone/iPod and exclusive title for recently announced iPad. More info can be found on our web site

Glisp - What made you want to develop this app? What made you choose the Ipod touch as a platform?"

Mr. Nechay - It's a good question. Starting working with iPhone platform, we felt the need to take a challenge and make something really cool. smile.gif And the Carnivores was the most interesting idea, because we like this game, and we had an access to this IP and it's resources. It also will match a system requirements of iPhone and iPod touch. So we made a such decision.

Glisp - What is your experience with the original Carnivores trilogy? Have you played the games before?

Mr. Nechay - Part of Tatem Games staff was involved in original Carnivores games development, so we know this game inside and played Carnivores many times before.

Glisp - What part of the development team for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter are you on?

Mr. Nechay - I’m responsible for programming and game design in the project.

Glisp -Can we expect any ports for any other hand held platforms such as the SONY Playstation Portable or Nintendo DS?"

Mr.Nechay - I can't tell anything right now.

Glisp - How many years of game developing experience do you have?

Mr. Nechay - My personal experience in game development industry is about 4 years.

Glisp - One last question: Do you know if Action Forms has an original Carnivores beta and are willing to leak it to the community?"

Mr. Nechay - Why are you interested in beta? Maybe you mean source code? We have source of Carnivores but I am not able to share it now.

Glisp - Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Mr. Nechay. I really appreciate your support for our community and for some of us, this ipod touch app means a lot. It's the first official Carnivores release in almost a decade!

Mr. Nechay - Thank you for this questions and time you spend on Carnivores community assistance. We’ll do our best to make Carnivores fans enjoy this game.

There you have it. Words from a Dev himself. There will probably more interesting material as this game's production unfolds. Until then, there isn't much else I can really say other than FUCK YEAH!

The release was pushed back to March. I don't know a whole lot, I just hope the delays don't end up hurting this project. Sometimes delays can cause games to get canceled and this title is just awesome so I'd hate for it to be canceled. :(

Now if you need me, I'll be attempting to invest in an iPod Touch. *walks off*

New information as of November 6:

Carnivores Dino Hunter was released a while back. As a result, I asked a couple of people to post screenshots of various elements from the game. The following images were taken by Rexkiller. I want to personally thank him for taking these so Thank you Rexkiller. ;)

First, we'll start with the new stuff:

Here you can see the new control scheme for the touch screen. The compass has been moved to the upper lefthand corner of the screen and I think the wind direction indicator is located between the compass. The actions now have buttons meant for use with the touch screen. The one with the T-Rex head issues a Dinosaur call. The one with the rifle makes you ready a weapon. The picture of the binoculars as well as the picture with the arrows are pretty self expainatory. Binoculars and movement controls. The Trophy score window that pops up after killing a dinosaur is now transparent making it easier to see targets underneath it. The score screen will also pop up when you tranq an animal, unlike the PC games.

Above is a comparison of blood trails from Carnivores 2 and Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter. The bigger image is of course Carnivores 2. You'll notice the blood trails in Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter are a lot more vibrant and thicker. The colors CDH actually look much brighter than C2. Both for terrain and everything else as well.

The Carnivores 2 Spinosaurus got a new skin. I kind of like this skin but at the same time it reminds me of a little fishy. 

Rexkiller noted that the C2 model had transparency issues in D3D and 3DFX Glide. The feet on it had holes due to the spots where the holes appear being the dark black which is indicated as a transparency color by the Carnivores 2 game engine. Probably why the skin was changed.

Yeah, the Brachiosaurus is still here and it's still an ambient non-huntable dinosaur. However, that's not why I posted this image. Note the new touch screen buttons for menu options while on the hunt.

This is a very recent update taken from Rexkiller's iPod Touch. It's on V1.2 now. Notice the new stuff added? Let's take a look at it now as well as other things I missed above:

So yeah, new Dinosaur selection menu screen. Lovin' the honeycomb styled interface. =D   The Pachycephalosaurus gets added to the menu with the V1.2 update. A dream come true! <3

Ravaren's Bridge from Ice Age makes a return in the version 1.2 update. Also note that the menu is the same style as the dino menu. The same goes for the weapons menu as well. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the weapons or supply menu at this time.

Ah, the good old bridge. I loved hunting on this thing in Carnivores Ice Age.... However.....

 WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE STAIRS?!! Now it seems the bridge is more of a decoration than anything else. This was probably done because the player could use it as a post to fight dinosaurs without risking getting killed. I know I used it numerous times in Ice Age for such a thing. Still pretty sad to see the stairs go. :(

In addition, the area above is missing something.....

While this shows the Pachy in action, I'm posting it because I forgot to show the binoculars earlier. The Binocs got a new look.

It's off center in this pic but the Supply Ship from Carnivore Ice Age is back in V1.2 of Dinosaur Hunter. You can see the Supply Ship underneath the binocular icon.

And here's the Supply Ship Supply Drop which replenishes ammo for your weapon(s) but only once per hunt can this be used. (same as Carnivores Ice Age.)

Another new feature added in V 1.2 allows you to relocate to another spot on the map but only once every minute or so.

You know what's special? Seeing the name of your forum you go to listed in the Special Thanks of the credits of your favorite game that the forums are a fan community of. Just awesome.

This is the weapons menu. The new views of the weapons are different. The X-Bow is also a little weird looking. Of course, I don't think the whole weapon has ever been shown in game. That's about all the updates I have right now. Might add more if need be but for now, that's it. See you next CDH update. ;)

There is also a version of Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter for the PSP mini and PS3 developped by Beatshapers. The port features are a bit limited but an update gave out an exclusive weapon: The Laser Rifle! Unfortunately, I don't know much about the Laser Rifle. The iOS versions are still superior though.

Apparently, Action Forms/Tatem, can't make up their minds on the way the Sniper Rifle's scope should be. I prefer the Ice Age PC scope myself, but that's mostly because peripheral vision isn't as limited.  I should also note that the player is no longer immune to the T-Rex killing them on the water's surface if they're floating. in C: DH, the Rex can kill you, even floating on the water's surface....

I forgot to mention this earlier but several animals in the iOS port of CDH have different Colored skins. Dimetrodon and Spinosaurus are two such. However all the other dinos have some kind of different coloration on them. 

Gallimimus is one such animal. The orange on its back is much brighter than in Carnivores 2. It should also be noted that the Android ports of CDH all have Carnivores 2 skins, as opposed to the new iOS skins. Despite this, the Android ports menus still have the pictures for the color changed animals strangely.

UPDATE JUNE 20, 2012:

The update for Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter  that has been anticipated for over a year is finally out. It features four new dinos. Originally, eight were planned but four, including the Carnotaurus revealed in some of Tatem's Facebook posts on the Carnivores fanpage, were removed due to animation bugs. They will be in a future update Tatem has planned.
The other changes include the photo camera from the iOS port of Ice Age and multiple language support.  As another note, about two weeks ago on the 11th, the Android port was released for all android devices, including the Kindle Fire.

Now, here are the new dinos:


This herbivore isn't dangerous in Carnivores surprisingly, though the Dinopedia entry mentions the sharp neck vertabrae were decent weapons against large carnivores. If you thought Stegosaurus was fast for his size, you haven't seen nothing yet! This guy easily puts Stegosaurus in the dust when he runs. He also has some pretty good senses and can see the player pretty well, even with Camoflage on! This picture took FOREVER to get because the damn thing wouldn't hold still long enough for a good photo. Talk about camera shy! Also, the debut of this guy marks the debut of the first officially huntable sauropod in a Carnivores game. 

Dinopedia entry:

As for the Earth Amargasaurus, he lived in Argentina along with other massive sauropods like Argentinosaurus. It was probably preyed upon by massive Carnivores of the time in that area since a lot of the ones in Argentina were quite large.


Yep, Tatem/Action Forms apparently actually acknowledges Cityscape's canon despite disliking it themselves. This is where the idea for Oviraptor came from. How do I know this? I talked to Tatem's Lead PR, Nadia Sydorenko. She told me the Oviraptor here is a slight nod to the one from Cityscape, She also said Tatem hopes that their  Oviraptor design is better than the Cityscape/Sunstorm Interactive design. Also, I have decided to make Tatem's Oviraptor, Fan Guild's unofficial mascot and he will be called Polly. =) COME ON POLLY! SAY PRETTY BIRD! NO WAIT! AHHHHHH DON'T EAT ME!

Dinopedia entry:

Out of the three new carnivores in the update, he probably has some of the coolest animations. His swim animation is also the best of the three. For some reason, this is my favorite of the new dinos. As for the real animal, it is unknown if it eats eggs. Originally it was thought this but after examination of eggs found near it, it was discovered they were Oviraptor Eggs, not Protoceratops eggs like originally thought by Roy Chapman and his gang back in the 20's.  Speaking of the Eggs, did you know they were so controversial when discovered and sold by Roy Chapman that the Mongolian government actually BANNED the US from any fossil expeditions in Mongolia for more than 70 years? It wasn't until the 90's that the US was finally allowed to come back.

As for the beak, it is possible that it was an egg eater. No fossil evidence supports this but the beak might have been relatively useful for cracking egg shells.


The Troodon of FMM-UV 32 is just as intelligent as the earth one. However, it lacks the Raptor like sickle claws on its feet making it look more like a Ceolophysis or Compsognathus than a Troodon. However, the eyes are right. Don't let the cute appearance fool you though. This guy is just as deadly as any other small Carnivorous dinosaur of FMM-UV 32. Originally, this guy was supposed to have an idle animation according to the video of it on Tatem's official Carnivores Facebook page. However, this animation was dropped for currently unknown reasons. It seems to just walk around like an Allosaurus or Velociraptor now. As with the other two carnivores in the update, he's pretty crafty and quick.

Dinopedia entry:

The only final note I have is to not underestimate this dinosaur. 


This dinosaur was first revealed back in July of 2011. He is the oldest known of the new dinos in the update and is also noted as the first official new model for a Carnivores game in over 10 years. (not counting Cityscape which wasn't made by Action Forms anyway.) Unlike most other Carnivores, it has an actual swimming animation like the Allosaurus, T-Rex, and Velociraptor do. In fact, all three new Carnivores share this trait. The swimming animation isn't that great though I'm afraid. It looks a little simple.

As for the animal's behavior, he's very fast. Yet, he seems to get caught on things a lot if you're up on top of something, making him pretty easy to shoot down if you know what you're doing. Here's what the Dinopedia says: 

He's pretty badass as you can see. He's also kinda fun to hunt as well.  Just look out for his nasty speed. It's dangerous in the open! The Utahraptor is one of the largest raptors and the largest in Dromaeosauridae. It's known for being close to the same size as the big female Velociraptor in the first Jurassic Park movie, "Big One". Raptor Red, a female Utahraptor, was the star of Robert T. Baker's novel Raptor Red. By the way, Raptor Red is a good read. If you find a copy, pick it up sometime. ;)

The photo camera from Ice Age's mobile port for iOS finally makes it to CDH. It was in the Android port two weeks earlier than the iOS though. Snap photos of dinos and other animals and upload them to Facebook. =) 

Update: April 43rd, 2014

As you probably know, I've fallen behind in updates for the site so here's what has been left out since:


The Meat Eating Bull joins the fray. As I'm sure you know, this guy was planned back when the previous four above were being worked on. However, problems with the model pushed the release back. The skin was also redone. Before, it was a much blander cream colored skin of sorts.  Like one could predict, the eating animation is the simple uncreative style that most other carnivores in the game use (new and old ones)


Another one of the new dinosaurs, Gigantoraptor's aggression probably rivals that of the T-Rex. Like most of the iOS Carnivores, it features a lame uncreative eating animation. 

 Niblugen Paradise

Tatem also introduced a new map with the same update. It's actually a map from an early version of Action Forms' game, Vivisector: Beast Within. Dimitry Nechay built this map. As for my opinion, it's nice looking but the fact that it was meant for Atmosfear 3 and not 2, presents bugs with the Atmosfear 2 mobile engine. (such as Allosaurus getting stuck on a side of a mountain repeatedly jumping and unable to move.)

Months later.....

Several months later, Tatem released a new update. This one featured bug fixes and two new dinosaurs



This was another dinosaur that was shown months before its actual release. On the official Carnivores Facebook page, Tatem released a video showing bugs plaguing this model. (which were pretty bad.) Months later, this guy gets released finally. Definitely an improvement over the one from Cityscape.  Strangely, they seem to spawn in one location in rather large groups, so be on your toes if you don't want to be killed by one. The death sequence for the player involves it nipping at the corpse then chewing the chunks of flesh it ripped off while looking around a little, then repeating. Must be on the lookout for larger predators.


Tatem decides to introduce a new dinosaur a long time after the fan community released their version for the PC ports. The Iguanadon is unique compared to most huntables because it can't be hunted from the menus. It appears during hunts for other dinosaurs. On the map, the location for it will be shown as a yellow question mark ("?"). Be on your toes though because if you decide to relocate to that location, it may attack. That's right, finally we get another agressive herbivore.  The killing animation is actually unique as far as dinosaurs in CDH go. It will stomp on you with its front legs in a similar fashion to the Brontotherium in Ice Age.

Only one Dinopedia entry was added and that would be for the Ceolophysis.

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